Media Relations & Media Management

Editors, producers, and reporters... they’re like gatekeepers to public perception. They pick which stories and messages get ink. Today, knowing “the bouncer” isn’t enough to get your business or product in the news. The key is having a good pitch. When you present an intriguing story angle, you turn the tables. Now you’re the gatekeeper to the information journalists need to assemble a good story.

At Griffin Communications, we’ve been on both sides of the fence. Put our experience in journalism and media relations to work through media planning, story pitches, outreach, media kit development, spokesperson training, and media monitoring and analysis.


Creative Delivery

Media plan

News media is just one tool to get your messages and stories out. If this tool has been identified as a priority for your organization, consider a strategic media relations plan to proactively capitalize on media opportunities throughout the year.

Creative Delivery

Story pitch

Get your story out into the world. We develop compelling story angles and target appropriate outlets and reporters to garner interest. A good story angle and pitch will attract positive media attention around your brand.

Creative Delivery

Press kits

Make their job easy and if it's a good story you'll get ink. News releases, media advisories, photos, fact sheets and backgrounders provide further context, inspire reporters, and increase the chance to get your messages included in published stories.

Creative Delivery

Spokesperson coaching and tools

Empower spokespeople to speak effectively in front of cameras and reporters. Media training, relevant key messages, and Q&As are building blocks for success.


Laurie has pitched stories to media on behalf of numerous clients resulting in successful media coverage of events, new company initiatives, and organizational messages around reputational issues. Laurie brings a think-outside-the-box approach to story angle development for initiatives and events. She has successfully secured and penned (on behalf of leaders) guest opinion editorials in response to issues in the news, as well as advertorials and matte news stories. Laurie has hosted media tours, planned news conferences, and coordinated photo and interview opportunities for dozens of clients in support of their business goals.

Peter brings media spokesperson and media training expertise from various roles at The City of Calgary. He has trained leaders, communicators, and subject matter experts to respond effectively to the media amid issues and opportunities facing municipal departments and projects. His experience, coupled with his broadcast media training, positions him as an effective coach in this important discipline.

Story pitch examples

  • Leveraged current economic trends and issues to bring productive media attention to an industry association conference that deals with a less than exciting topic with important implications on workplace safety. Laurie's tailored pitches regularly garner print/broadcast media attendance and interview requests for the yearly conference.
  • Leveraged current political priorities (economic diversification) to bring positive media attention around various stages in the construction of a petrochemical plant near Edmonton.
  • Regularly secured morning news segments for a major retail chain providing product demonstrations during major consumer holidays.
  • Garnered impactful media coverage around an open letter penned by the independent merchants of a major Canadian retailer in response to a hostile takeover bid by a US competitor. The bid was later withdrawn.
  • Secured extensive positive media coverage after media tours for a major Calgary retailer moving to a new location. The retailer had been receiving negative media attention and internal dissent leading up to the move.
  • Ensured inclusion of key messages in media stories around a comedy tour sponsored by a pharmaceutical company to raise awareness about tools to quit smoking.
  • Pitched stories, developed press kits, and conducted media tours relevant to various milestones of a new building construction experiencing negative media coverage due to delays. Resulted in successful media attendance and positive news coverage.