Content Development

It’s all about the content. You only consume good things. The same is true for reading material. A good chef serves that which is fresh, nourishing, and delicious; an effective writer satiates their audience with content that is relevant, beneficial, and enjoyable.

Does it grab my attention? Check. Is it relevant to my life? Check. Is it delicious? Does it empower me? Does it inform me? Check check check. Would I share it with a friend?

Check please.

Let Griffin Communications help you serve your story the right way.


Creative Delivery

Website copy

Writing website content is an art and a science. Compelling content follows online communication best practices, is search engine optimized, and leads to more conversions.

Creative Delivery

Marketing material

Take a world of infinite possibilities and narrow them into meaningful frames in which people see themselves. Booklets, posters, ads, flyers, brochures, and promotional products are intentional pieces of you. Your people. Your products and services. The world through your lens.

Creative Delivery

Thought leadership

Showcase your in-depth knowledge about key issues and topics relevant to your business through blogs or newsletter articles, white papers, and opinion editorials.

Creative Delivery

Presentations & speeches

Don’t just tell it. Sell it. Compelling speeches and presentations inform, motivate, and inspire audiences in accordance with your goals.


With her former journalism freelancing experience, Laurie brings a fresh writing style to her projects. Laurie has written content for dozens of websites, thought leadership articles, annual reports, and opinion editorials. Laurie’s work has been published in the Calgary Herald and in Calgary’s now discontinued weekly newspaper FFWD weekly. Laurie’s writing has served a diverse array of strategic functions and goals including technical writing, rebrands, and marketing material (video script, brochures, presentations, advertisements, etc.).

Case study 1: Creative oil and gas career spotlights

How do you increase awareness about lesser known oil and gas industry jobs? You develop a unique online career planning tool allowing job seekers, HR professionals and career counsellors to browse, search, and compare dozens of oil and gas industry jobs. Laurie was hired by an industry association to write content for job spotlights in a way that was creative and compelling. Sponsored by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program, the spotlights were such a hit, the association attracted requests and sponsorships from other provincial governments to create additional strategically important career spotlights, totalling over 100 by 2017.

Case study 2: Energy magazine articles

Funded by a major industry association, an online publication was launched in 2008 to increase energy literacy among Canadians. Laurie was part of the editorial team, developed the style guide, and wrote debuting articles setting a young, fresh tone for the publication launch. Laurie was a regular contributor to the magazine and continues to use these articles as portfolio samples of her style.

A case study in the making: capital campaign

After developing a comprehensive communication strategy for a non-profit preparing to launch a multimillion-dollar fundraising campaign, Griffin Communications is developing news articles/blogs, videos, live-interviews, and campaign promotion material.