About us

Griffin Communications is a new communications consultancy in Calgary. We're defined by creative, empowering and cost-effective service delivery. We use creative ideas to turn heads, change minds, and help our clients reach grand goals with basic budgets.

She knows communication strategy, content creation, and graphic design. He knows digital media, video, and what it takes to talk to the press. With their journalism, branding and PR backgrounds, Laurie Griffin and Peter Jacoby combine their powers for the forces of good…better brands and reputations, meaningful relationships and clearer lines of communication.

What is Business Communications?

Everyone needs to communicate. Organizations are just like people. They need to communicate with different people at different times for different reasons. Sometimes they talk to their customers and sometimes they talk to the community. They talk to each other and they talk to themselves. They talk to the media, the government, investors, to suppliers and partners. All organizations talk, but successful organizations do it strategically. Defining what you want to accomplish and how you’re going to use your words to get there is what strategic Business Communications (aka Public Relations) is all about.


Team Bios

Laurie Griffin

Laurie Griffin

Laurie is an agency girl at heart. She spent the majority of her communications career working in large and small agencies where she was exposed to a diversity of industries and public relations challenges. Previously a Senior Consultant at Global Public Affairs, Laurie provided project management and support to a wide range of strategic communications planning, branding/marketing, issues management, and crisis communications programs.

Laurie has developed communications audits, research campaigns, plans and toolkits for municipalities, think-tanks, non-profit organizations, associations, a civilian oversight organization, and several energy and pharmaceutical corporations.

Laurie has also developed issues management frameworks for the Alberta Government and a Fortune 500 company. She has also created several crisis communications plans for organizations in non-profit, agri-business, finance and the energy sector including an international pipeline infrastructure company undergoing a high degree of scrutiny in traditional and social media.

With her journalistic roots, Laurie began her career freelancing for various newspapers and continues to develop compelling content and media interest in support of ambitious communications goals. She has written and successfully published several opinion editorials, speeches, and open letters on behalf of senior leaders. She produces content for a diverse range of mediums including annual reports, newsletters, websites, press kits, videos, marketing collateral, advertisements, and more.

Peter Jacoby

Laurie Griffin

Peter has twelve years of communications experience including strategic communication planning, journalism, video production, content creation, and project management. He provides part-time strategic and technical support for Griffin Communications.

For the past seven years Peter has provided consultation to various business units within The City of Calgary. His current role as a Communications Planner with Calgary Neighbourhoods business unit focuses on supporting communications needs for projects working with vulnerable populations.

Peter also served as a Strategist at the Engage Resource Unit, developing online public engagement systems and processes for The City.

Prior to his time at the Engage Resource Unit, Peter served in The City’s Roads business unit where, among various seasonal campaigns, he performed spokesperson duties for the Snow and Ice Control program. Peter's career at The City began on the social media and media relations team where he provided media training, responses to public queries through social media channels, and crafted over 300 blog posts - many of which included video production.

During his time at The City, Peter has been a member of the Crisis Communications team and has been activated over a dozen times for small and large crises including the Fort McMurray fires and the 2013 Calgary flood.

Parallel with his role at The City, Peter has sat on a variety of external committees, including:

  • The Dementia Network Communications and Marketing Team
  • The Enough for All Strategy (Formerly the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative)
  • The Age-Friendly Calgary Action Team on Access to Information